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  • Could these new technologies change your world?

    Every real estate startup under the sun is looking to become the industry’s next tech mainstay, but not every one makes the cut. The Real Deal sifted through dozens of startups this month and found several interesting tools that could have a significant impact on the industry.

  • 10 construction industry Twitter accounts you need to follow

    Twitter is full of expert commentary on all aspects of the business, from commercial building, to the housing market, to the global economy. We’ve compiled a list of what we consider the top-notch Twitter accounts in the construction industry to help you stay up-to-date on the biggest news and hottest topics.

  • Wohlsen Construction of Harrisburg teams with FieldLens

    “We will be using FieldLens with both personal devices as well as some company-owned tablets,” Edward McCauleyWohlsen Construction’s information technology director, told Pennsylvania Business Daily. “Our goal is to replace the iPads and tablets that we once used on our projects with Microsoft Surface devices since FieldLens allows us to be productive and track project work with a smartphone. Other applications that we had tested required our users to carry both a laptop and a tablet, but FieldLens allows us to standardize more effectively.”

  • Real-Estate Tech’s Two-Edged Boom

    Mr. Svrluga said the construction industry looks promising. His firm has invested in a startup named FieldLens that is “reimagining how communication should take place on a job site” based on the realization “that everyone at the site has a high-powered computer in their back pocket.”

  • FieldLens Integrates with Bluebeam to Combine Document Management and Jobsite Communication

    As everyone in the construction industry knows, communication is the key to a successful project, no matter how big or small.  In recent years, there has been an influx of software development for the construction industry in order to make communication between the job site and the construction offices much easier.  Now, two of the construction communications powerhouses have integrated to bring construction professionals two of the best of job site communication and document management together in one system.

  • User-developed Applications and API Releases at Tech Conference

    One of the first companies to build on the API is FieldLens Inc. The New York Citybased firm crafted a mobile and web-based communication app. The API integration lets a user input a full, linked set of Bluebeam documents into FieldLens. The links and document markup features work inside FieldLens, says Doug Chambers, CEO FieldLens. The company also announced a new tool it calls LiveLayer that overlays realtime project conversations happening in FieldLens onto Bluebeam PDFs

  • FieldLens Integrates with Bluebeam Software and Introduces LiveLayer

    There was some exciting news coming out of southern California today as FieldLens, a leading mobile and web-based communication platform for the construction industry, introduced integration with industry leading Bluebeam software that will vastly improve project team communication. While the new product, FieldLens Drawings, is currently available to select FieldLens users, the product will be fully available in September. We believe this is a product worth waiting for!

  • FieldLens Integrates with Bluebeam Software and Introduces LiveLayer

    LOS ANGELES, July 30, 2015 — (PRNewswire) — FieldLens CEO Doug Chambers announced today that FieldLens, the mobile and web-based communication platform for the construction industry, is introducing FieldLens Drawings, a breakthrough feature that will integrate with Bluebeam software. Chambers made the announcement during a keynote address at the Bluebeam eXtreme Conference in Los Angeles.

  • FieldLens App Review

    FieldLens App Review

    What is it…

    FieldLens is a web based platform for communicating issues to team members on construction projects. FieldLens (FL) offers mobile apps for Android and IOS Smartphones, the app will also work on tablets too. The website allows users to create projects, create custom fields, and view reports. The platform is Integrated with Box, Dropbox and Google Drive for document uploads and file syncing. Last week the team released a universal App for Tablets! Now you can use FieldLens on your iPad and it looks and works great. No more stretched out screen!

  • New FieldLens Feature Saves Supers an Hour a Day

    A new feature from a construction communication software automatically produces a daily report at the same time every day, compiled from the field notes of superintendents, foremen and subcontractors.