Will Construction’s “Robot Revolution” Include Pens & Paper?


We keep hearing about how augmented reality, as well as drones and 3D printing, will soon reshape the construction industry. We’re excited about all this new technology. Still, we can’t help but call out the elephant in the room: the pens and paper that so many companies are still relying on. According to a recent Software Advice…Read More

The Secret To Marketing Your Construction Company


You’re already doing it. Your company is live with a project management software program, and results are rolling in: Work is happening faster, tracking progress and construction documents is easier, and no one’s banging their head against the wall when “daily report” and “punch list” are mentioned. For many firms, there’s your victory. But smart…Read More

Is Your Punch List Mobile Madness?


Punch list: No one is immune to the storm that kicks up just when you’re headed out the door to the next job. And no one feels the pressure to stay on top of punch lists more than a residential builder. But there’s a way to get you out the door faster and hang onto…Read More

3 Construction Trends to Watch for in 2016


2016 is poised to be a beautiful year for the construction industry. So kick back, relax, and get a glimpse of the top trends that await you in the New Year: U.S. construction expected to grow 6% to $712 billion “The expansion for the construction industry has been underway for several years now, with varying contributions from each of the…Read More

Unlocking Value From Stakeholder Relationships


If you’re a general contractor, you’re almost never alone. You’re constantly crossing paths with clients, architects, engineers, suppliers, and subcontractors. Ask yourself honestly: How much time have you put into building on these relationships? If you answered “not much,” you’re missing out on some big opportunities to help your business win.

How to ‘Miscommunicate’ Better on Construction Projects


The title of this post is not a typo, in case you were wondering. No, I was having a conversation the other day with a guy after work. We were talking about communication on construction projects. Pretty broad topic. But he works in the field 50-60 hours a week in New York City. I wanted…Read More

Which Presidential Candidates Are Most Construction-Friendly? Guess Again.


With the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign already in full swing, investment in our nation’s infrastructure is gaining momentum as a top issue for the next administration. CG/LA Infrastructure, Inc., as part of its Blueprint 2025 initiative, has ranked Republican and Democratic candidates alike according to their ability to catalyze infrastructure investment. The rankings consist of presidential…Read More

5 Ways Concrete Is Getting Better


Concrete is getting a whole lot better, with the potential to make construction faster and buildings more livable. Here are the top 5 concrete innovations to watch: Rapid Drying Concrete New materials are cutting down on drying times, reducing the risk of excess moisture. One of these products is called Aridus, the first ready-mix concrete solution that prevents…Read More

Incentives Encourage Developers to Build More EV Charging Stations


Chances are that EV charging stations will be part of a new construction project in your community soon. It’s not just car markers such as Tesla that are encouraging them. Local and state governments and utility companies, which see EVs as a way to promote cleaner air and energy independence, are incentivizing developers to expand the network of public EV charging…Read More

What’s New and Cool With Augmented Reality Hardware?


Augmented reality—technology that overlays information on a realtime picture of your surroundings—could bring big improvements to construction tech. We’ve been following its potential for a while on this blog. But AR is still waiting for its breakout moment. The most common AR applications on smartphones and tablets seem to be consumer uses, like casual gaming or trying on virtual clothes and makeup. Reliable, accurate AR for enterprise uses…Read More