A Window Into Every Project

Fieldlens is the vital link between office and field

Collaborate with Subcontractors

You need to be in constant contact with your subs. Fieldlens makes communication between companies easier than ever before. Know what the subs are doing in real time.

Realtime Updates from the Field

Anyone who can use a smartphone can use Fieldlens. When your Superintendents post an update, you see it immediately in FieldLens.

It’s the Memory of the Project

As a superintendent walks the jobsite, it only takes them a few seconds to log what they see. As people use it, Fieldlens becomes the the long-term memory of everyone on the jobsite.

Photos and Videos Organized Effortlessly

Fieldlens solves your progress photo and video organization. Photos and video from the field can show up right in the app, and they’re stored in a structured way so you can find them later.

Simple Safety Compliance

Fieldlens makes it easy to keep safety issues top of mind. You and your crew can identify situations and track their resolution before they result in an accident or a violation.

Better Manpower Reporting

Fieldlens’s simple manpower tool makes it easy for your field staff to submit timely and accurate counts. Manpower can be included in automatic daily reports, too.

The Collaborative, Realtime Punch List

Make Fieldlens your digital punch list and discover the simplest, fastest way for everyone on the project to track  deficiencies as they are assigned and resolved.

It’s Your Digital Archive

Fieldlens is your audit trail of tasks assigned and completed, safety issues logged and resolved, time-stamped photos, and detailed daily observations. Don’t worry about losing anything: Your data is portable, and you never have to worry about losing access to it.