Built for Subcontractors

Hold the Jobsite’s Memory in your Hand

Access and build on a complete record of the project’s notes, conversations, decisions and work, right from your mobile device or computer.


Get your own team collaborating in real time with a tool they can actually use.

Be the first to know what’s done and who didn’t do their job.

Get Paid

When a job’s in full swing, verbal agreements aren’t good enough. Fieldlens gives you project-specific documentation of pay requests and change orders. Use it to get faster answers now and as a reference later.

Update the GC Your Way

Fieldlens is the easiest way to share progress updates and existing conditions reports with the GC. It’s also the easiest way to back up requisitions and change orders.

Get Realtime Field Updates, Make Better Decisions

Fieldlens gives you eyes on the field so you can make better decisions. Solidify your team’s reputation as a top performer.

Get Better Progress Photos; Know Where They Are

With Fieldlens, your team in the field can take photos and videos right in the app. And you know exactly where to find them: with all your other project info.

Get Custom Daily Reports, Automatically

Get faster, higher-quality Daily Reports from your superintendents and foremen. Fieldlens takes the work your field managers do throughout the day and turns it into a professional report, automatically.

Arm the Field to Get You Manpower Data

Documenting Manpower doesn’t have to mean sitting in front of an Excel spreadsheet anymore. Fieldlens makes it simple enough to do on the move.

A Project Archive that Lives Forever

With Fieldlens you can look back and search the history of the entire project. Quickly review any decision, task, safety issue, or observation captured on the job.