Video: The AEC Hackathon Comes to New York

We aren’t alone.

That’s one of the messages of the AEC Hackathon, a non-profit, volunteer-run event that brings together technologists who work in the architecture, engineering and construction industries.

Earlier this month, FieldLens was pleased to host the AEC Hackathon 2.0 – NYC—the event’s 4th installment, and the first one on the East Coast. It was a jam-packed weekend of brainstorming, coding, and conversation, with teams competing to produce actual working solutions that they could show off by Sunday afternoon.

Here’s a video recap of the event highlighting some of the new technology we saw and talented people we met:

Watch the Building Better blog for more videos from the Hackathon later this month. And check out the AEC Hackathon site for information about upcoming events like the next scheduled Hackathon in Chicago!

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