4 Tips On Making Plans & Specs Accessible In The Field

Contractors tasked with developing plans, specifications, and other detailed architectural drawings need software tools they can rely on. Field management software offers solutions to the complexity of effectively managing and communicating during each phase of a project. Your process is reliant on the documents you create to keep stakeholders connected to what you’re doing. Frequent edits to building plans and specs are common, so the stream of communication from the people reporting the changes to the people on the job site needs to be effortless and secure. Here are four tips for establishing effective document management practices that improve access to plans and specs from the field.

1. Move To A Centralized Document Management System

Experience an impressive list of benefits FieldLens by RedTeam software offers. A centralized, cloud-based document management system,
designed for construction businesses, enables you to tackle productivity and
save costs. Using a centralized system to manage everything from plans and
specs to submittals, RFIs, and change orders improve the flow of clear and
immediate communication within your team

2. Provide Mobile Access To Your Construction Documents

Mobile access to your construction documents is crucial. Mobile devices are the perfect complement to digital documentation systems and software. With mobile access, project plans and specs can be in everybody’s hands on the job site. This means everybody on your construction teams will have the most up-to-date documents and plan changes. This prevents the need for rework and saves on costly materials and labor hours.

3. Embrace Collaborative Capabilities

The collaborative capabilities that come with a cloud-based document management system are outstanding. You no longer have to gather the architect, engineer, owner, project manager, and others into the same physical space to make transparent, collaborative decisions. Everybody on the team has access to the same documents, so they can work together to make critical decisions without costly time delays. FieldLens by RedTeam gives your on-site team access to immediate, seamless changes made to plans and specs by team members off-site.

4. Improve Safety And Efficiency With Jobsite Collaboration Apps

Use job site document management software apps to ensure that all of your tradespeople have the most complete and up-to-date information to get the job done right and safely. Strong job site field management tools keep construction teams in the loop through open conversation and collaboration in real-time. You’ll complete tasks more efficiently and garner instant feedback to improve safety concerns. Features such as digital blueprints, plan markup capability, daily project status reports, and punch list items captured with photos and assigned in real-time can all get you to a quicker, safer, project closeout.

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