New Tricks

Fieldlens user Jerry McClung is the head superintendent on senior living facility project in Tampa. At age 60, he admits to sometimes feeling “left in the dust” when it comes to new technology. But while grasping the digital world can be a challenge for Jerry, he sees the benefit it can provide when utilized properly and was happy to talk to us about his success with Fieldlens.

Before using Fieldlens Jerry was putting together a hand written daily report at the end of each day. After a long day putting out fires, managing contractors, and walking the job site for hours each day, these reports were of necessity abbreviated versions of what actually occurred. It was a long, aggravating process at the end of an exhausting day to regurgitate everything that happened, add pictures, input the head counts and format the report before sharing it with his project team.

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How Wohlsen Construction Employees Save 9 Weeks of Work


Wohlsen Construction is an award-winning Mid-Atlantic construction company with 125 years of experience providing services ranging from preconstruction and construction project management, to design-build construction and post-construction services.

Fieldlens saves Wohlsen employees 9 weeks of work per year

Wohlsen Construction employs 375 total workers between field and office. Like most companies, they were using a variety of channels to coordinate their operations including email, phone calls, texts, paper lists, spreadsheets, end-of-day reports and traditional project management software.

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How Lott Brothers Construction Saves 2.5 Hrs/Day


Lack of access to information wastes hours each day

Lott Brothers President Wayne Lott and Project Engineer Pete Rogers told us that their field teams had a problem: they were wasting tons of time whenever a question came up that required a trip back to the trailer – whether it was related to a submittal, RFI, contract or any other issue.

They estimated that on a typical job the project engineer, manager and super would have to stop what they were doing at least 5 times a day to head back to home base, dig for information and get it back out to the jobsite. Each trip ate up to 30 minutes – more if something else came up. All told, the crew was losing over 2 hours each day by not having information close at hand.

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Fieldlens Helps PSW Real Estate Finish Jobs 25% Faster


PSW Real Estate is an urban infill home builder and general contractor building in cities that benefit from reduced urban sprawl. Their goal is to refocus population density closer to a city’s urban core by building where people want and need to spend their time.

Project Schedule: Fieldlens Gets the Job Done 25% Faster

PSW’s Land Development Manager Dan Illescas and his team recently completed construction on a 35-home project in a detached condo community in Austin. The schedule was intense, with a new house starting every week and each one scheduled from frame start to substantial completion in 4 months.

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Simon Construction Saves 520 Hours Per Project With Fieldlens


Simon Construction is a national building envelope construction and construction management business that performs a wide range of projects, including complex roofing and warranty work on both commercial and residential properties. They’ve earned a reputation for quality construction services at fair, competitive prices by prioritizing customer service and attention to detail.

How they use Fieldlens

For their initial rollout of Fieldlens Simon Construction has assigned one foreman per site to be responsible for photo documentation. Using Fieldlens for this purpose has given them faster, more accurate information and is saving each foreman at least 5 hours/week by eliminating tedious, end-of-day organization work.  

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Growing and Improving With Technology: A Look at Skiles Group


Skiles Group, a Dallas-based general contractor specializing in complex healthcare facilities, has positioned itself for growth by embracing Lean Construction methods and new technology tools, including FieldLens. For example, right now they are using FieldLens to manage communication on a $26 million medical facility project.

Keyan Zandy, Director of Operations for Skiles Group and a Lean Construction advocate, says it’s important to utilize tools and processes that allow superintendents and foreman to communicate quickly. “The jobs that have the best communication are the most successful,” Zandy says.

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