Simple Instagram Tips for Marketing Construction Companies


Instagram for construction contractors? Isn’t that the platform my teenager uses for what the kids call ‘selfies’?

Nope, not anymore. Instagram is quickly gaining on more widely known social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and many small businesses are starting to realize the platform’s potential for marketing their companies. If you’re a contractor not using this free resource to market your business, then here are some simple tips for getting started.

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a photo/video sharing platform, and similar to Facebook you can post a photo or video and include a caption. Followers can like and comment on the photo/video if they want, and commenters can tag other Instagram users in the comments.

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Building Two Major World Capitals, Again


There are many reasons why a country might want to move its capital city. Hometown pride was behind President Felix Houphouet-Boigny’s decision to shift West Africa’s capital city from Ivory Coast to Yamoussoukro back in 1983.

But building an entirely new capital city from scratch is an exercise in precise planning and logistics. Here are two of the most recent countries to announce plans to build new capitals, and why they’re bothering with the trouble (and expense):

Egypt: Seeking More Elbow Room

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How to Advertise Your Construction Business Online for Free – Part 3

Increase Web Traffic Concept

We’re going to end our 3-part series on helping construction businesses advertise online for free with a lesson on ‘getting found.’ Now that you’ve gotten started on social media and your blog (or you are at least thinking about getting started…), it’s time to understand exactly why those things are important and how they help you find new business. Understanding the why and the how behind these tools is a helpful motivator for those who think social media and blogging is not worth their time.

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How to Advertise Your Construction Business Online for Free – Part 2

3d rendering of a mobile crane lifting the last letters in place

When it comes to advertising your construction business online, blogging is one of the most worthwhile ways to spend the time you’ve set aside for advertising. Writing short articles or posting photos from your jobsites is a great way to build authority for yourself and your business. And it gives customers a sense of what they’re in for when they go into business with you.

Blogging Best Practices

I have two main rules when it comes to blogging:

  1. Blog regularly – You can blog as little as once per week, but the more you blog the more effective it is. Filling your blog with content could be something as short as posting a news article for your community to comment on, posting photos or videos from your jobsites, providing useful industry-related information that helps position you as an expert, and so much more. Again, this is not for the truly time-pressed – blogging is a Commitment (with a capital ‘C’), your blog should be updated regularly to see the biggest ROI.. People tend to get turned off when they land upon a blog that hasn’t been updated in months.
  2. Voice matters – Before sitting down to write, think about how people in the construction industry like to talk to one another. People in construction are very matter of fact and down to earth – your writing should reflect that. Write how you talk because that’s the kind of writing people relate to in a blog and it’s what makes people want to revisit your website. Your writing voice will help potential customers get an idea of who you are and what it might be like to do business with you.

Setting Up Your Blog

If you have a website, adding a blog is pretty simple via sites like WordPress or Getting a hang of the software does take some time, but once you get it you’ll find that setting up and publishing posts is quick and easy. Here’s a short video discussing how to set up a WordPress blog.

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How to Advertise Your Construction Business Online for Free – Part 1

Social Media Marketing

Think social media isn’t worth your time? I get it – anyone working in construction is busy, and social media sounds, well, a little too social for a company handling a lot of work and tight deadlines. But in today’s world, smart businesses understand that social media is a direct line of communication between your company and potential clients, helping generate revenue while building visibility.

No matter how big or small your company, you can make a trusted name for yourself on social media and advertise your business for free.

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Proposed Google Campus a Modular Construction Marvel


Can the design-build process ever be as nimble as a company like Google? Google hopes so.

With a new, ambitious-in-the-extreme campus project planned, Google and its project partners are about to find out (pending city council approval, of course).

Much of the need for the proposed 3.4 million-square-foot North Bayshore facility stems from the company’s diversity of projects. When your mission includes managing the world’s searches, orchestrating the efforts of a self-driving car team, launching the first-ever modular smartphones and everything in-between, you need a space flexible enough to accommodate it all. So what did Google decide to do? They decided to go modular.

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Officetel Multipurpose Building Smashes through Challenges


Its tiled-cube face looks a bit like a kid’s Lego project on steroids, but the methods behind the design madness of the Officetel Building in Seoul are as fascinating as the finished building itself.

The multipurpose building is common in South Korea, where hybrids feature small units where residents can live and work from the same space. Called ‘officetels,’ these buildings are designed to cut commutes by offering both commercial and residential spaces in the same building — so those working in the commercial spaces can live in the connected apartments.

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‘Bug’ Research Pavilion Boasts Biomimetics and Advanced Fabrication Technology


It looks a bit like a bug, or maybe some alien creature. But it’s actually a research pavilion, built by the University of Stuttgart in Germany to show off some cutting-edge design and fabrication technology.

Designed to mimic the hard outer wing of a flying beetle, the pavilion is part of a yearly project series at the university. Each year, designers push the limits of architecture and explore new building methods — usually creating some “unique” structures in the process.

This year’s challenge was to create a structure with composite materials without having to use a mold to shape them.

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Mexico City Aims to Build the World’s Most Sustainable Airport


Mexico City is building an airport that may be one of the most forward-thinking in the world, as well as a unique construction challenge. What makes the airport special is what its design will not have—no conventional roof, no vertical columns, and no normal columns.

A design team of Foster + Partners, Fernando Romero Enterprise, and Netherlands Airport Consultants, recently won the bidding for the design of a new airport. According to Foster + Partners, “The entire terminal is enclosed within a continuous lightweight gridshell, embracing walls and roof in a single, flowing form, evocative of flight.” The roof is described as a seamless envelope over the facility providing natural light.

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Famous Buildings That Have Been Moved

Ever had to move a house? How about a huge, historic theater? A lighthouse from its delicate perch on a 300-foot cliff?

Moving any building is a challenge, but some of the moves on this list were downright nerve-wracking. Some of these entries were famous on their own…and some are now famous because of their moving days. But all have interesting stories:


1. Shubert Theater, Minneapolis, MN

The heaviest building ever moved on rubber tires, the Shubert theater made its move from the decaying Hennepin Avenue in 1999. But the building had an interesting history even before that.

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