The Best of CES 2015 for Construction, Part 1


If you’re at International CES 2015 right now, you might be rubbing elbows with our VP of Product, Julian Clayton. Never one to miss out on a chance to see useful new technology first, Julian is sending updates from Vegas, highlighting the tech that shows the most promise for our industry this year. Here are some updates from the first wave (check back in and follow us on Twitter for the latest):


Julian is a FLIR fan from way back, and told us why around this time last year. This year, he reports that FLIR has unveiled some red hot updates that are bound to have an impact in construction. This lightweight thermal imaging technology is now available for your Android phone, iPhone 6 and iPad. The FLIR ONE also now boasts two cameras, allowing you to capture more physical detail than before.

From Julian: “This update is huge because it opens the customer base up, doesn’t restrict the user to a specific case, and improves slightly on the tech.  These cameras are big news for the industry and this only makes them better and more accessible.”

2. Sengled Smart Bulbs

Sengled is at CES 2015 with new smart bulbs. They beg the question “what can’t a light bulb do now?” In addition to providing dimmable light, this new breed of LED “globe” comes loaded with speakers, cameras and WiFi repeaters.

From Julian: “Imagine a truly connected job site, all run off the temp lighting.”

3. This Year’s Wearables


As expected, International CES is awash with new wearable technology from a mind-calming headset to the latest Oculus Rift Crescent Bay, which Julian enjoyed a demo of (see above) yesterday: “It changed my life, man.”

From Julian:
 “We can’t leave devices tethered to only smart phones. We must allow them to connect to any of our devices to dump their data. Wearables and their UI/UX must be personal. Personal computers are not truly personal, phones are closer, wearables must go further. A major key to successful wearable content is ‘glanceability.’ We have to be able to absorb the content in a split second.”

4. ODG Augmented Reality

ODG (Osterhout Design Group) has a slick pair of augmented reality glasses out, giving the Google Glass guys a run for their money.

From Julian: “Better feel than Glass.”

5. Neon 3D Indoor Location

Julian referred to Neon 3D Indoor Location from TRX Systems as “Indoor locationing without infrastructure.” With this tool, construction professionals could get indoor locations and mapping regardless of GPS availability.

From Julian: “ What was interesting is how walking the job improves accuracy for everyone using the system.”

More great technology for construction: The Best of CES 2015 for Construction, Part 2.

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