New in FieldLens: Improved Daily Report Scheduling

We just made it much easier to schedule an automatic Daily Report in FieldLens. Forget having to manually send a report every day. FieldLens reports are built from Items you create during the day, sorted based on filters you choose, and emailed as professionally formatted PDF files on a recurring schedule you’ve set. Compared to the old way of filling out a form every day, it’s a huge time saver.

To schedule a repeating report, use the “Daily Report” button on your project screen on the FieldLens Web app.


When you create a new Daily Report, just check the “Repeat” box and select the options you want.


You can edit and change your scheduled reports by following the “Reports” link in the top menu bar of any project.

Improved scheduling is now live on the FieldLens web app as part of our series of upgrades to the Daily Report feature.

Watch for more features coming soon!

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