A Design Upgrade for the FieldLens iOS App

At FieldLens, we’re a little obsessed with how our app looks and behaves when you use it. The newest version of our iOS apps includes some of our most significant design updates yet. You’ll see them the next time you upgrade. We’re also working on similar improvements to the Android version of the app, coming soon.

The quick summary is that you’ll enjoy all the same FieldLens features as before, but with a more modern and intuitive design. The new update is available now in iTunes App Store. (It also includes the new icon.) Here’s the run-down on what’s changing.

1. The “Create” screen takes on a new look with distinct “cards” for each field to fill in.

2. Item details have moved to their own separate page, which you reach by clicking on the “i” symbol. You’ll see information about the item on an easy-to-read status screen.

3. Item timelines will look more like chat. They’ll show newest events at the bottom rather than the top. There’s also a new “quick comment” box at the bottom, so you can React to an item directly from the timeline screen. This was one of our most-requested new features.

4. If you need to post a more detailed Reaction, just expand the quick comment box by tapping the up arrow. It will expand to include all the React features you’re used to, such as assignees, CCs, categories, locations, and more.

As always, we’ll be listening for your feedback, and using your input to keep making FieldLens better. Write to us at [email protected] with questions and comments.