The FieldLens Android app gets an Upgrade!

Are you a FieldLens Android user? Then we have good news for you! We recently released a redesign for our iOS app’s Item Timeline, React, and Item Details screen, and now it’s Android’s turn.

The update is available now in the Google Play Store. Here’s what’s changing:

1. Item Timelines will look more like chat, with the newest Reactions at the bottom rather than the top. Each Reaction is now displayed in its own “card” to make individual reactions easier to spot. You’ll also notice that the action bar displays the Item type, number, title and location, plus an assignee status bar indicating the statuses of all assignees on the item by color. There’s also a new “quick comment” box at the bottom of the screen, so you can React with a comment to an item directly from the Item Timeline. (This was one of our most-requested new features.) 


2. With our new React accessible in the Timeline, users can tap on the checkmark to post a quick comment, or click the caret (^) to access the full React screen. “More options” will lead you to your menu options for all additions and edits you can make in your Reaction. The full React screen also uses similar components to the now familiar FieldLens Create screen on Android: all additions and edits are represented as attachments or badges to the form. If you add or remove something (such as a CC) you will see this reflected in a badge below the comment section.


3. Item Details have moved to their own separate page, which you can access by clicking on the round “i” symbol next to the title in the Item Timeline. You’ll see information about the Item on an easy-to-read status screen.


4. Assignee Statuses have a new screen. Here you can change the status and due date of any assignee as well as add any new assignees to the item via the button at the bottom. You can access the Assignee status screen via the assignee icon in the toolbar from React or via the menu options in “More options.”


As always, we’ll be listening for your feedback, and using your input to keep making FieldLens better. Write to us at [email protected] with questions and comments (or tweet at us?)