FieldLens Featured User: Project Manager Dustin Chapman

FieldLens has been in private beta for about 6 months, and we’ve been fortunate to develop some true partnerships during the testing our mobile app with construction professionals. Our team would not be able to come anywhere near our goal of creating the best possible mobile construction app without our beta partners to tell us the good and the not-so-good. Thankfully they were around to keep us in line, and they let us know when something wasn’t working or needed improvement, just as much as they let us know what they found exciting and useful. That’s the great thing about construction folks – they tell it like it is.

To that end, we’re starting an exciting new series on the FieldLens blog called ‘FieldLens Featured User.’ This gives us the opportunity to connect our readers with existing users, and we hope to give you some insight into how other construction professionals are using FieldLens. We’re launching the series with construction professional Dustin Chapman, a project manager for Kier Construction based in Utah. Dustin has been a huge supporter of FieldLens as a private beta partner and in the social media world. Ladies and gentlemen…I bring you Dustin Chapman!

Your Name and Job Title

Dustin Chapman, Project Manager

Business Name

Kier Construction


Ogden, Utah

Favorite Aspect of Your Job

I love seeing things be improved upon and also seeing something be created from nothing.  Sometimes it’s an old apartment complex that gets rehabilitated into something new, and sometimes it’s a historic building that has been vacant for years gaining a new life. I also enjoy watching something new start from a pile of dirt and transform into a shining new building.  It’s really fun watching things be built and knowing what truly goes into the process.

Pet Peeve

Two pet peeves: General pet peeve: I absolutely hate wet socks! If my socks get wet in any way and I walk around in them my blood begins to boil!  Industry pet peeve: Unkept promises.  Too often people don’t communicate their actual intentions for starting or completing work or let you know what is keeping them from starting or completing their work.

Length of Time Using FieldLens

7 Months

How has using FieldLens changed jobsite communication and collaboration for you?

FieldLens improves the communication process by helping you organize and categorize items.  The industry standard for communication is now e-mail, but when you get dozens of e-mails a day, it’s hard to organize and prioritize while still doing your job – things get missed.  With FieldLens you can easily organize and find what you’re looking for because it helps you label properly when you create an item.

I also enjoy using FieldLens because it relies on the user to provide other users with contact information. Too often you have an incorrect phone number or e-mail for a specific contact but you have no way of knowing that until you realize they haven’t responded to your last five e-mails. FieldLens lets everyone tell you their contact information and lets them update it for you when it changes.

Thank you Dustin for taking the time to answer our questions, and for your valuable feedback as we work on developing FieldLens into a powerful communication and collaboration platform for the construction industry!