So FieldLens Won The Gold — Who Cares?

We’re not just blowing smoke when we say that the best part of our day is when we hear customers say, “You make my life simpler,” and “Thanks to FieldLens, I got my afternoon back.”

But we don’t mind winning awards either, cause let’s face it: As much as we enjoy helping you win, we enjoy winning too.

We’ll tell you a little about the award we won and why you might be interested.


Recently the Best Mobile Apps Awards announced that we took a gold for Best Business & Productivity App in the Overall category. It’s not the first award we’ve won, but it’s exciting to get recognized among names like SalesForce, Adobe, and Wired.

Why should anyone care except the fine folks at FieldLens? Do our customers care that they’re using an award-winning app? Probably not. But here’s what we think:

This is a very competitive award for best apps — not just construction apps. We think winning awards like this means that people outside the construction industry get how important our industry is. And they get that simple, realtime communication is the way for project teams of all sizes to save time and make projects successful. And they share our opinion that the experience should be as easy and enjoyable as it is using top apps in any industry. That’s what we think.

Thanks for helping us make FieldLens better and better. We’ll never stop.

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