HUPxp Chooses Fieldlens as a Central Location for Project Information

FieldLens makes life easier by streamlining workflows to save time and money in the field. With the best value in field management software, there’s no need for physical materials and resources. Users have increased availability and accessibility, receive real-time updates, and have top-notch organization. These top-of-the-line field management features are the reason why HUPxp, a civil construction and construction management company, chose FieldLens to deliver modern, high-quality projects.

Ivan Russi, CEO and founder of HUPxp, spoke about his experience with FieldLens and how the field management software has helped his company deliver innovative methodologies to civil construction.

Being able to develop my day-to-day work with software that’s helped me concentrate all information in one single place is great. It saves me a lot of time and energy.”

Ivan Russi | CEO and Founder

The Challenge

HUPxp is based in Brazil and manages expansions all over the country. The type of expansion ranges from startups, residential buildings and offices. The company also works in flipping houses and small, large, and complete renovations.

“We have a construction hub where we manage 35 construction companies, and we specialize in taking care of the different needs for our customers,” said Russi. The company needed field management software that could centralize all critical information for its clients.

The Solution

HUPxp was looking for software that could concentrate all project information in one location. Construction has many stakeholders from GCs, to subcontractors, and if the information isn’t accessible in one place, it can be lost between parties. Russi discovered FieldLens while working on a project and has since used the field management software.

“We discovered FieldLens in 2017, and it was essential to my work which consisted of managing 35 different projects at the same time,” said Russi. Since then, Russi and his company have been using FieldLens which has made project management much easier.

Russi says one of the biggest benefits of FieldLens is the management of the whole team and the entire project process. “Being able to follow all status updates and making sure everything is on track,” said Russi, is also a major benefit.

HUPxp is excited to use FieldLens in its day-to-day work, such as working with engineer clients on a site where project information management is critical to the project’s success.


Ivan Russi is passionate about construction and technology. His company, HUPxp, is a civil construction and construction management firm located in Brazil. 


São Paulo, Brazil

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Civil Construction and Construction Management