New in FieldLens for Web: Improved Item Reactions

Today we’re making an update to the FieldLens web app that will make Items look more like a conversation. The new look is similar to the way the FieldLens iOS and Android apps already work.

When you view a FieldLens Item in your web browser, the newest reactions will appear at the bottom rather than the top. Also, to leave a reaction, you’ll enter it at the bottom of the page in a form that expands to include all the functionality you’re used to.

With this new form you can do anything from leaving a quick comment to updating a whole set of assignments and due dates. We’ve retired the old React tab, where this functionality used to live.



As always, if you have any questions you can contact our coaching team at [email protected], or through the FieldLens Support window in the app. Thanks for using FieldLens!