New post experience makes updates easier than ever

Once again, we’ve heard you! You want to keep your place in the feed when you open a post. You want to go straight to the next post in the list. We’ve been listening to all of your feedback, and today we’re announcing that posts are getting an entirely new look in Fieldlens!

Introducing the post panel
  • Now when you click on a post in the feed or a drawing, it will open up in a panel. No more losing your spot in the list, or leaving the drawing view.
  • Use your arrow keys to jump straight to the next (or previous) post in the list.
  • We’ve made it easier to keep up with the flow of the conversation while making edits and posting updates.
  • All post information like the title, description, categories, and resource tracking are in the top section of the panel. All of the replies and updates to the post are in the conversation area.
  • To edit any post information, use the pencil icon on the top right of the panel.
  • To comment, update assignees, or attach media and weather, use the bottom comment bar in the panel.
  • Export any post by itself as a PDF for you to email or print out for the field.

Oh, and a few more things!
  • Check out the new reports management tab on the Web so you can check on your project’s reports from one place and see reports that have been shared with you.
  • New update options coming up include: editing the post description, post flag, and resource tracking.

Let’s see it!


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