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Fieldlens user Jerry McClung is the head superintendent on senior living facility project in Tampa. At age 60, he admits to sometimes feeling “left in the dust” when it comes to new technology. But while grasping the digital world can be a challenge for Jerry, he sees the benefit it can provide when utilized properly and was happy to talk to us about his success with Fieldlens.

Before using Fieldlens Jerry was putting together a hand written daily report at the end of each day. After a long day putting out fires, managing contractors, and walking the job site for hours each day, these reports were of necessity abbreviated versions of what actually occurred. It was a long, aggravating process at the end of an exhausting day to regurgitate everything that happened, add pictures, input the head counts and format the report before sharing it with his project team.

With Fieldlens, Jerry is posting exactly what is happening in realtime, and the pictures and even video are included with each post. The report is sent automatically at the end of the day. Jerry tells us, “I don’t have to rely on my memory when I make notes and take pictures throughout the day. And it’s all put together in a daily report at the end of the day for me.” He can see his manpower counts, know what happened on a specific day, and access all of his drawings… all from his phone. Streamlining reporting while at the same time including more and better detail gives Jerry more time to think through his processes and keep better track of the current state of his project.

How did Fieldlens let Jerry get over his apprehension of using new technology? He was able to get started very simply yet see immediate benefit, and now he continues to expand his use of Fieldlens as he gets increasingly comfortable. He’s even using our talk to text feature so he can write as fast as he works.

Jerry’s story of an experienced Superintendent that is averse to new technology is not new in our industry. Fieldlens is proud to be a part of the daily life of Supers like Jerry all over the world by providing a tool that allows them to distribute better information with less work.

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