Simon Construction Saves 520 Hours Per Project With Fieldlens


Simon Construction is a national building envelope construction and construction management business that performs a wide range of projects, including complex roofing and warranty work on both commercial and residential properties. They’ve earned a reputation for quality construction services at fair, competitive prices by prioritizing customer service and attention to detail.

How they use Fieldlens

For their initial rollout of Fieldlens Simon Construction has assigned one foreman per site to be responsible for photo documentation. Using Fieldlens for this purpose has given them faster, more accurate information and is saving each foreman at least 5 hours/week by eliminating tedious, end-of-day organization work.  


Fieldlens saves Simon 520 hours per project!

Before Fieldlens, Simon Construction’s foremen were plugging a camera into a computer at the end of the day and spending time organizing them into a folder structure and annotating them with their notes. After a long and busy day on site, this cumbersome process was the last thing anyone wanted to deal with.

With Fieldlens, this end of day process is completely eliminated. When jobsite photos are posted to the project they are already organized by date and time, location and even category. They are available immediately to the entire project team – in the field and office – and are easy to find today, in two weeks or twenty years. Simon says using Fieldlens is saving each foreman at least an hour a day. For a typical Simon Construction 2-year project, that’s 520 hours!

Hours saved/year per foreman 260
Estimated hourly “all-in” cost of construction foremen $50/hour

Estimated savings per year per foreman


Annual retail price for a single Fieldlens subscription* $477.60



*Based on retail pricing for 5 user package

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