Summer Product Release Recap

We haven’t posted to the blog in a while, but we’ve been keeping busy all summer bringing new updates to the web and mobile platforms. Here’s a quick rundown of our recent releases!

Introducing a Revamped Post Experience

This summer we launched a new post experience that is much more conversational and easy to consume. By now you’ve noticed how easy it is to reach the important post information like description, categories, and assignees — found at the top of the post timeline — and how much quicker it is to add your own comments.

Quickly edit post details by tapping the pencil icon on the top right of the screen, and use the quick action bar at the bottom to comment, update assignees, and attach media — including drawing markup, voice notes, attachments, and weather.

You can now edit your posts!

Mistakes can happen when posting. That’s why Fieldlens has made it possible to go back and edit your posts on both mobile and web.

You can now edit Title and Description, update Recipients (Sent to), Location and Categories, add (or remove) Safety and Deficiency flag, and move or add Pins. A full audit of all changes becomes part of the post timeline.

360º Photos

Our recent integration with the Ricoh Theta allows Fieldlens to support 360º pictures, so you can share the whole story in one shot. Fieldlens for iOS and Android now supports connection to any Ricoh Theta S or SC camera.

Any 360º picture you take or upload will be available in full 360º mode to all other Fieldlens users — no matter if on iOS, android, or the web. You can even use the web app to upload 360º images you’ve already taken!

Share Fieldlens with anyone, however you want

Just like the other apps you use throughout the day, we’ve added the ability to share posts outside of Fieldlens. Send a link to a Fieldlens post with any available app on your device including email, text, chat and more!

Bulk Duplication is back!

By popular demand we’ve relaunched an improved version of one of our former features – bulk duplication of your posts to different locations on the project. From the web app you can once again select posts and duplicate them to the same location — or to multiple different locations — all at once.

If you need to create the same work-to-complete list across all the bathrooms on a project, for example, you can just post each task once, and then bulk duplicate them to every relevant location.

Bulk Add Post Flags

You can now add a Safety or Deficiency flag to multiple posts at the same time, making it a snap to turn a series of unassigned posts or tasks into a punch list or safety report.

Auto-add company admins

Within the Company Settings page on the web app, you can now choose to auto-add your company administrators to every project created by users within your company. This makes it easy for them to see and manage company users on projects, set up recurring reports and more.

As always, thank you for your continued support and feedback. Stay tuned for more exciting changes coming soon!

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