The Truth: Digitizing Construction Field Management

We all strive to achieve strong field management in the construction business. When your construction company has effective field management practices, you see increased productivity, improved quality and safety, and higher profitability. 

According to a McKinsey & Company report, operations leaders in the service sector witnessed the revolution of digitization. The virtual workforce yielded contactless operations, causing organizations to reconfigure how they conduct business. Newly deployed automation technologies and a change in operations modeling and company structure were products of the pandemic. Likewise, the construction industry realized the tremendous potential of construction management software and how it helps businesses harness total project control.

The Road To Digitization

When we refer to digitizing field management, we’re talking about replacing manual methods with digital tools to streamline your existing processes. Replacing long-standing business practices is not an idea that the construction industry embraces quickly. According to Construction Executive, there are specific reasons why construction does not adopt digitization as fast as other industries; yet, they do indicate that the path towards this inevitable standard of future practices is getting smoother.

Technology companies are becoming ever more adept at streamlining and implementing responsive improvements to their products to assist industries like construction on the path to digitization. Construction Executives state that some of the critical elements of a successful construction technology digitization products will include cloud-based servers and mobile applications for easy access from a jobsite that provides clear immediate value. In light of this, FieldLens by RedTeam software was created for construction professionals, by construction professionals. We understand the software needs of today’s construction businesses and have confidence that our platform can meet them.


Manual vs. Digital Field Management

When we used to think about what field management looked like, we typically conjured classic images of clipboards, whiteboards, timecards, and spreadsheets. But times have changed, and the digital tools available to construction businesses today significantly improve field management automation of tasks and provide countless benefits over the manual methods of yesterday. 

FieldLens software offers the complete digitization of field management tools. We move you away from a spaghetti mess of whiteboards, stacks of paper, and Excel spreadsheets. Financial records, schedules, submittals, digital blueprints with markup capability, and a mobile app for streamlined communication are among the tools we offer for digitizing your field management practices. FieldLens Software automates manual tasks that would take administrative or clerical staff hours to complete or even eliminate. The result is real-time data and documentation (removing delays in information sharing) accessible to all team members—including third parties you invite to collaborate.

The Cost Savings Of Digitizing Construction Field Management

One of the most significant benefits of moving away from manual management practices is cost and resource savings. By drastically, if not wholly, eliminating paper documentation, your business will immediately see notable cost reduction savings and be more environmentally savvy. 

Construction is a documentation-heavy industry. Safe and well-built construction projects require thorough documentation. A considerable amount of document sharing must occur between owners, engineers, architects, project managers, GCs, and other team members. Sharing documents requires replication, so there is immediate value in moving to a digital format. There is no delay when updating digital records on cloud-based servers.

You can also count on significant savings in administrative and clerical costs by moving to digital management tools. You will not need to expand your office staff at the same rate you grow your business, and the office staff you retain will have more efficient and productive labor hours. You will save them hours typically spent searching, scanning, filing, updating spreadsheets, and processing time cards. Instead of daily or weekly Excel updates, the FieldLens software cloud-based tools automate data entry. Having company documents and forms digitized, centralized, and searchable is an incredible game-changer for this end of your construction company. 


Simplifying Field Management with Mobile Capabilities 

Field management is a complex task with many moving parts and players involved. In addition to the cost savings you will receive by moving your office tasks to a digital platform, you can tremendously simplify field management with The FieldLens software mobile capabilities. Just a few of the highlights are:

  1. Along with time management through the web application, you can replace employee time cards with our time capture app. In the app, employees can record their work hours from their mobile devices, enabling ultra-accurate labor hour accounts. Record time for a specific project, scope, labor authorization, or labor category.
  1. Our field management app streamlines jobsite progress reporting. Users can add jobsite photos, contribute observations, and track vendors. Real-time weather reporting based on the GPS location of the jobsite, images, and observations get stored in a daily report. 
  1. All current versions of your plans and specifications are available in our mobile field app. Immediate updates to changes made in plans or specs are accessible to your on-site teams, eliminating costly time delays and potentially high rework costs. You can easily zoom in on the plans to see updates and share details.
  1. The additional, innovative FieldLens by RedTeam app brings your construction teams into the conversation with team members and partners working off-site. People from various locations can collaborate instantly, so there is no time lost trying to get everybody on-site to plan or problem-solve. Everybody can see the related documents and the conversations that have taken place. There are digital blueprints, photo and plan markup capabilities, and messaging, alert, and notification features. Create punch lists (and daily logs) within the app. Create post flags for RFIs, submittals, and safety concerns to ensure they immediately come to the attention of the appropriate team member.

Improve Construction Field Safety 

Another essential aspect of good field management is ensuring safety in the field. Your workers are your most valuable resource, so you want them to feel safe on your construction site and play a proactive role in ensuring everybody’s safety. Digital tools are a very efficient way to improve field safety for your workers. When using The FieldLens by RedTeam software collaborative field management app, you can capture and document targeted areas on the jobsite, markup the plans or photos by adding text or highlighting a specific area of importance, and assign tasks right there from the field. Immediate notification of areas to avoid is possible through the messaging and alerts features in FieldLens.  The ability to do all of this right from a worker’s mobile device can prevent injuries or damage to your construction site. And you also have a permanent and unimpeachable record of action taken to avoid injury or damage if you need it for reference later on.

Digitizing field management is one of the most transformative and practical steps that you can take to see your construction business succeed and grow. At FieldLens by RedTeam, we value excellent field management practices and want to help you find great solutions for your growing construction business. Undoubtedly, when workflow improves, so does profitability! 

Reach out to us to get your FREE TRIAL of the FieldLens by RedTeam field management platform and gain the benefits digital tools can offer today’s construction professionals.

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