The Video Game Version of Your Job: Construction Simulator 2015

Can’t get enough of the jobsite? Or just want someone in your world to understand how hard you’ve got it? Don’t worry – there’s a game for that. Behold Construction Simulator 2015. And if construction professionals aren’t playing it, there must be a ridiculous number of developers and gamers out there who are curious what a career in construction’s all about.

We stumbled on Construction Simulator 2015—and about a thousand others just like it—in the app stores, where FieldLens is available for free download.

First you set up your character and company. Then you launch your “career” with the click of a button (wow, that was easy). Next, you’re dropped in as if by crane to your first assignment. You have a pleasant exchange with some sort of supervisor.

Sound like the start of your first day? (Maybe something’s lost in translation. Clearly you’re late.)


Next you hop into a truck and follow the map to your first destination. Unlike real life, you can do as much damage to the scenery as you like. In part one of a YouTube demo courtesy of the Middle Aged Gamer, you’re mostly doing equipment pick-ups and drop-offs. You can pick up an excavator and take it to a site where you’ll do some digging. You also make a pit stop at the Building Materials Dealer to buy a pallet and load it onto your truck (if you can figure out the controls). Then you tackle the tricky unloading process to get the pipes down:


Your first day on the job ends something like this (back at the compound):


“A day on the construction site is quite exhausting.” (Imagine doing it for real.)

“…I’ll contact you with news or other relevant information. I have some work to do now.” (Or he could just use FieldLens to send your character an update right from his phone.)

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All images from Construction Simulator 2015 – Part 1 (Intro) – The Middle Aged Gamer/YouTube