Why Every Construction Professional Should Own a Smartphone

Here at FieldLens, we’re developing mobile communication tools for the construction industry because construction professionals deserve easy, efficient tools for field communication, and for us, we think that all starts with a smartphone.

Now, some of you may read this and say…”Ummm, this is old news FieldLens. Doesn’t everyone have a smartphone these days?” Well wry reader, the answer to that question is no. We’re out there talking to a lot of different construction professionals. The industry is certainly amassing smartphones at a pretty rapid pace, but there are more diehards for the flip phone than you might care to imagine.

So for you flip phone lovers (FPLs) and for you bosses, directors, managers, etc. who are trying to convince an FPL to convert to the smartphone, here are some reasons why mobile communication via smartphone is essential for every construction professional. That includes you too, person over there walking the jobsite with a clipboard and scrap of paper.

Reason #1: You Are Not a Dinosaur

Flip phones are relics of an ancient world – at least by tech standards. The IDC recently reported that orders for smartphones overtook orders for flip phones for the first time ever – by more than 50%. As this article with show you, the construction industry is becoming well entrenched in mobile and cloud-based technology, so it’s important for construction professionals to modernize if they want to remain strong in the industry.

Reason #2: Easy Communication

Imagine a world where you can call someone, keep track of new appointments, check your emails, view the latest viral video and check the weather all from the same device. That world exists and it’s housed in a little box called the smartphone. Most FPLs know what a smartphone can do but they question its role in the construction industry.  As the industry shifts toward cloud-based and mobile technology, all construction professionals will be expected to multitask on the jobsite in new ways. You’ll need to make and answer calls, emails, take photos and video, download reports and more. A smartphone (and tablet to some extent) is the only device that currently makes that possible.

Reason #3: Smartphones Run Apps

Some FPLs claim not to care about apps, but from a professional standpoint, you need to care. Similar to us here at FieldLens, many tech developers realize that the construction industry is hungry for software that uses cloud-based and mobile technologies to make fieldwork more efficient. This is simply the direction the industry is going in, and smartphones will eventually become a requirement.

Look, no one is saying FPLs need to get rid of their flip phones entirely. You just might want to consider adding a smartphone to your mobile arsenal for professional purposes. The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend is gaining momentum in the construction industry and FPLs won’t be able to hold out too much longer. But who knows – that old flip phone might be worth something again someday.