Why Fieldlens

Why Fieldlens

Fieldlens is the leading jobsite collaboration tool designed for the entire team.

Construction projects are complex. On-time, on-budget completion takes a high degree of coordination and communication of many moving parts and people. Yet, many construction teams rely on workplace chatter, post-it notes, and scribbles on the blueprints to pass along critical project information and updates. Relying on disorganized methods of communication leads to confusion, mistakes, delays, and even safety risks.

Fieldlens fixes this by providing a centralized digital hub to centralize and organize project-related information. Every team member – from foreman to general contractor – has the ability to collaborate on projects in real-time.

"The flexibility of the application provides our team with the ability to establish project/category structures that enable system-wide schedule performance tracking, quality trending, and cost escalation management. We are able to report at the project, regional, contractor, and overall program level."

Scot S, Vice President

Fieldlens wins Gold Stevie Award for Best New Technology in the app for Business/Government Category.

Fieldlens joins the ranks of other Stevie Award winners that includes companies like Apple, AT&T, Toshiba, Capital One, YouTube, IBM, and many more. The Stevie Awards, also known as the American Business Awards, have been around since 2002, and are one of the most respected business awards in the world, with each category being judged by a panel of entrepreneurs, executives, innovators, and educators.

Fieldlens wins Gold for Best Business and Productivity App at the Best Mobile App Awards.

Fieldlens is now recognized among names like SalesForce, Adobe, and Wired. The Best Mobile App Awards journey started in 2012. It was built as the platform to showcase and feature the latest and greatest apps all in one place rather than having to search and scroll through thousands of apps in the app stores. Awards are given on a nonbiased process in selecting the best mobile app award winners via a committee of highly experienced app designers and developers. These leaders of the industry are dedicated to uncovering the next big player in mobile applications


To learn more about how you can incorporate Fieldlens into your jobsite management, click here to watch and learn more about our 2 MINUTE VIDEO OVERVIEW!

Using the Right Tools

Fieldlens is a construction field management software that focuses on three key elements: documentation, real-time information, and field data. Our cloud-based software serves a wide variety of contractors.

To truly get the most out of your field construction management software you need the right tools to help you collaborate and communicate effectively, streamline updated information instantly, and manage your projects on-and-off the field at any time and anywhere. All of this functionality. is built inside Fieldlens to ensure efficiency and quality on your projects.

Jobsite Management with the click of a button.

Fieldlens aims to help all construction professionals working on the jobsite communicate more efficiently, which improves safety and saves time and money. Construction professionals are accustomed to communicating via phone, text, fax, and email. These disparate modes of communication mean the information is difficult to keep track of. Critical data gets lost or is misunderstood leading to costly

With Fieldlens users are able to share and track critical jobsite information including photos, videos, tasks, jobsite status, manpower hours, reports, and more, simply and in real-time. Even non-users can access information in Fieldlens to ensure seamless communication by everyone on the project team. Conversations that once took hours, now take place in minutes.

Fair and Transparent Pricing

We offer fair and transparent pricing. When you invest in Fieldlens you get every part of it. Everything is included with an unlimited number of projects you can create. Our simple per-user-based pricing makes your investment that much simpler. 

More Than A Jobsite Management Software

Learn why companies that choose Fieldlens for construction Jobsite Management are happy and more successful.

Choosing a mobile jobsite management software is a crucial decision. so when you make a purchase it’s important to consider not only the software but the support and resources you”ll receive. With Fieldlens. we’re invested in your success on and off the jobsite.

  • Free Training & Education – Fieldlens resources are available to help you, and your entire team, learn best practices and successfully use the platform that will help grow your business. When you invest in Fieldlens, we invest in your success.
  • Support available for your team – Anytime a member of your database has a question, reach out and say hello. Our support team is happy to help whether it’s a question about our software or concern about using our jobsite management software.